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I would like to replace my E8491A PCI card with the new E8491B PCI card. I would also like to replace the front panel of the E8491A and the original cable supplied with the E8491A with the new lock-in-place cable. Which part numbers should I orde...

The E8491B PCI card can be ordered using part number (P/N) E8491B-001.

The E8491B front panel can be ordered using P/N E8491-00202.

The new lock-in-place cable can be ordered using P/N E8491-61603.

The E8491-00202 and E8491-61603 can be ordered through our PartsID department. In the U.S., please call Agilent at 1-877-447-7278 to place your parts order, check status or return parts. In Canada, please call 1-877-894-4414.

The E8491B-001 can be ordered through our Business Center at 1-800-829-4444.

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