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What replacement parts and accessories are available for the 113xA-series InfiniiMax probes?

Since the available parts and accessories are subject to change, the best place to find this information is in the most recent revision of the InfiniiMax Active Probes User´s Quick Start Guide. 1130A, 1131A, 1132A, and 1134A InfiniiMax Active Probes Quick Start

The Replaceable Parts and Additional Accessories section of this manual contains an exhaustive list of all InfiniiMax parts and accessories. The manual explains which items are available for individual purchase and which items must be purchased as part of a kit.

To find pricing and availability for the items that you need, please visit

For quick reference, see the list of available accessory kits below. Please refer to the Quick Start Guide for a list of parts included with each kit.

E2658A: Replacement accessories for E2675A Differential browser probe head
E2663A: Replacement accessories for E2676A Single-ended browser probe head
E2670A: Replacement accessories for E2677A Solder-in differential probe head
E2671A: Replacement accessories for E2678A Socketed differential probe head
E2672A: Replacement accessories for E2679A Solder-in single-ended probe head