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Characterizing Camera Battery Performance with Low Cost Test Equipment

33220A Function Generator Image

33220A Function Generator / Camera Battery Video Demo

R&D engineers designing a new digital camera want to determine the type of battery best suited for the dynamic current needs of the camera. The solution is to use test instruments to repeatably and reliably simulate the effects of varying the current draw on the camera batteries. Their test setup digitized and recorded the actual current consumed while the camera was taking a flash picture.

The waveform representing the dynamic current usage was then transferred to a PC where it was modified, for worst-case scenario testing. The resulting (worse case) waveform was then transferred to an arbitrary waveform generator. Several batteries from each manufacturer were then tested with an electronic load driven by the waveform generator.

The same process and test setup can be used for any battery powered appliance including; cell phones and PDAs.

Start the streaming demonstration by clicking on the link below. The video requires Windows Media Player. You may download and install the player from the Media Player home page. 

Documents & Downloads

Characterizing Camera Batteries 
View a streaming video demonstration of digitizing, modifying and generating a current waveform (300 Kbps resolution).

Case Study 2004-02-13

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