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How can I resolve the E5061A/ E5062A source output power level decrease symptom?

(SUPPORTED MODELS IN BOLD: E5071C E5072A E5070B/71B E5070A/71A E5061A/62A E5061B E5063A E5091A E5092A)

Please read this before proceed with the following.

This E5061A/ E5062A source output power correction software is NOT the replacement to the E5061A/ E5062A VEE Calibration program. It is highly recommended to send the instrument to the nearest Keysight SSU for full performance verification on a recommended 12 months interval.


Please download and install the following software accordingly before executing the E5061A/ E5062A Source Output Power Correction software.

  1. Edit Cal must be installed. You must have data entered for (2) 8482A sensors – no substitutions allowed.
  2. The latest version of IO libraries must be installed.
  3. A Keysight GPIB Interface must be used. The software runs using SICL, NOT VISA. The interface must be set as follows.
    a.  SICL Interface ID must be set to GPIB7, Logical unit set to 7.
    b.  Keysight 488 default properties to be changed, bus timing set to 20 µsec to slow the bus (optional)
  4. E5061A/ E5062A must have backup cal files. Using the UUT service menu, select backup to disk and flash.


Perform the adjustment and performance verification according to following sequence as instructed by the E5061A/ E5062A Source Output Power Level Correction software.

  1. Adjustment file backup
  2. Synthesizer Gain Adjustment
  3. Source Output Power Adjustment
  4. RF Output Power Level Accuracy and Flatness Test
  5. RF Output Power Level Linearity Test 

Note: Prior to performing the adjustment and performance verification above, all the ETE must be calibrated. After performing the adjustment and performance verification above, the instrument is out of warranty. In case the adjustment or performance verification fails, send the instrument to your nearest Keysight service center.

Post Adjustment and Performance verification requirement

1. Backup the syscal files from HDD to DSP.

Manual DSP syscal backup procedure

1.1 Click on  ⇒ "Service Menu" ⇒ "Service Functions" (Enter "kid" password if prompted)


1.2 In Service Function, click on "System Calibration"


1.3 In System Calibration, click on "Backup Files into Flash & Disk" to copy the syscal from HDD to DSP

Documents & Downloads

E5061A, E5062A Source Output Power Adjustment and Verification - VEE Program. Requirement: VEE Runtime Edition. Operating system: Windows XP or Windows 7.

Programming Example 2014-02-20

null EXE 355 KB
Keysight Edit Cal 
Keysight EditCal Calibration Factor Editor Package - Operating system: Windows XP or Windows 7

Programming Example 2013-12-11

null ZIP 2.50 MB