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Frequently Asked Questions about XTPA Module Control Card

1. What is XTPA?
    It’s a replacement for Control XTP, where parts required to support 10Base2 network connection are no longer being manufactured.

2. When is this change effective?
    As of March 2013, all new Agilent Medalist i3070 In-Circuit Test Systems will be shipped with the XTPA Module Control Card.

3. What is the minimum software requirement to run XTPA?
    The minimum software revision is 08.30pb.

4. Is there impact to previously developed test programs?
   There is no impact; test programs developed on systems with Control XTP will run on XTPA without further modification or debug.

5. What is the key difference between Control XTP and XTPA?
    The Thin-LAN connection has been replaced by shielded Ethernet cables.

6. What is the minimum hardware requirement to run XTPA?

  • A managed switch will be used to improve network performance.
  • The network interface card for testhead should be in 100Mb/Half duplex, and the managed switch in “Auto Mode”.
  • Designated Ethernet cables are now shielded, providing better protection from Electromagnetic Interference (EMI).
  • Tester should have iSystem card installed.

7. Can I have both Control XTP and XTPA in the same tester?
    Currently mixing of module control cards is not supported.

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