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Migration Information for the 3852A Data Acquisition/Control Unit

The 3852A Data Acquisition/Control Unit has been a highly popular product since it's introduction in 1985. Due to the discontinuance of several critical parts the 3852A Data Acquisition/Control Unit and modules will be obsolete November 2002. Keysight Technologies, Inc. has continued to develop and offer the highest quality products since the 3852A's introduction. These products, including box and VXI instruments, offer up-to-date programmability and control along with exceptional specifications. Keysight Technology is providing you with the new product information to maximize your ability to update and continue your data acquisition applications.

Recommended 3852A Migration Products

There are three Keysight products or product families that may be considered for your application needs:

  • 34970A Data Acquisition/Switch Unit
  • 3499A/B/C Switch/Control System
  • E1413C/15A/19A Scanning A/D and Measurement control cards, and other VXI instruments

The 34970A is optimal for up-to 60 channels of direct measurements such as voltage, current, 2-wire and 4-wire resistance, temperature, and strain.  The 34970A is a flexible instrument designed with plug-in modules, and can be used for data logging, as a data acquisition system, and/or a switch system.

The 3499A/B/C offers medium to high channel count switching for various types of switches.  The 3499A/B/C can be used in Engineering Test systems in R&D and/or manufacturing to switch many test instruments in a single system. In addition to General-Purpose, Multiplexer, Matrix, and Digital I/O switch modules, the 3499A/B/C also offers RF, microwave, and optics switch modules for specialized switching.

The E1413C/15A/19A Scanning A/D and Measurement control cards, along with other VXI instruments, provide the high performance measurement capability required for many data acquisition applications.  The E1413C/15A/19A cards were designed for high-performance data-acquisition and computer-aided test applications. The card family addresses the key application requirements of high-speed scan, 16-bit resolution, high accuracy (0.01% of reading), 4mV to 60V full-scale input (using E1513A SCP), 64kSa dual-ported FIFO buffer for fast data transfers, current value buffer for on-line monitoring, and automatic self-calibration.  The E1415A specifically offers a solution for tough monitoring and control applications such as linear control of multiple loops of temperature, position, velocity, acceleration, rpm, and other parameters.  The
E1415A also offers independent control loops with multi-level alarms and watchdog requirements.

For more product information and specifications please visit the Test and Measurement section of

The table below provides specific module/accessory migration details for the 3852A. You can easily identify the 3852A module/function and the corresponding recommended products.

Migration Table