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Will there be specification, performance characteristic or usability differences when using the 11970 Series mixers on the PXA?

Yes, there will be several differences when using 11970 Series mixers with the PXA:

  1. PXA has a different LO range than our older (PSA, 8560 Series, etc.) analyzers – in many cases a lower mixing harmonic mode can be used with the PXA than with our older analyzers.
  2. Different specifications will apply when using 11970 Series mixers with the PXA – in general, they will be somewhat better when the mixer is used with the PXA than when used with our older analyzers – specifications will be provided for both cases.
  3. The PXA’s UI is slightly different than older analyzers
  4. A diplexer (Keysight part number N9029AE13) must be used with 11970 Series mixers.