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What is an example of a routine in the testplan for flash programming using the Utility Card?

The following is a sample of commands used in the testplan to control a flash programmer installed on the Utility Card in an i3070 Series 5 tester:


DLL name = FR3070A.dll

List of actions to be passed to the programmer (file uploaded into the programmer prior to programming, as part of the setup) = T24C128B.FRS
Var = Results expected from programmer (via DLL). For this example, 0 = Fail, 1 = Pass
Rtn$ = Stores any text response from the programmer (via DLL).


!Engage board and turn on power

load board
vacuum well a is 2,3

sps 1, 3.3, 2

!Programming sequence

xdload "FR3070A"          !loads the DLL file into memory
xdconnect "FR3070A"          !closes the isolation relays on the Utility Card connecting the programmer module to the DUT (Device Under Test)

xdcall "FR3070A","send_command",Var,Rtn$; "run T24C128B.FRS"          !sends the command to the programmer to execute the list of actions

xdcall "FR3070A","get_answer",Var,Rtn$; "run T24C128B.FRS"| print Var, Rtn$          !PASS/FAIL results saved into Var and any message from the programmer is saved into Rtn$


xddisconnect "FR3070A"          !opens the isolation relays on the Utility Card disconnecting the programmer module from the DUT
xdunload "FR3070A"          !unloads the DLL file from memory


!Disconnect power and release board

sps 1, 0, 2