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High-speed digitizer modules capture details from single-shot events

In one-shot experiments, high-speed digitizer cards than can capture an entire event make it possible to perform detailed post-processing and analysis from multiple perspectives. This is crucial when identifying rare events, capturing explosive events, and optimizing atomic-level processes.

These applications require digitizers that offer excellent measurement fidelity and deep memory. Keysight’s high-speed digitizer modules include a variety of innovative techniques that ensure complete and detailed data capture: trigger delay, data streaming and multi-channel synchronization.

Excelling in single-shot applications

Gamma rays are the latest frontier in radio astronomy. Although the rays are absorbed high in Earth’s atmosphere, the absorption process creates bursts of Cherenkov radiation that last a few nanoseconds. Measuring those bursts with ground-based detectors is challenging because cosmic rays (abundant) and gamma rays (rare) both produce Cherenkov radiation. Keysight’s high-speed digitizer boards make it possible to distinguish the two, increasing the probability of capturing true gamma ray events through digitizer capabilities such as trigger delay and nanosecond resolution.

A technique called transmutation changes radioactive elements such as those found in nuclear waste into shorter-lived or stable substances. Transmutation occurs naturally during radioactive decay and it can be accelerated artificially. Optimizing transmutation on an industrial scale requires methods such as neutron time-of-flight (n_TOF), which directs protons at a lead target. High-speed digitizer cards enable precise control and optimization of the n_TOF process, which depends on the resolution of the neutron energies that can be observed. In Europe, researchers are using an experimental arrangement that includes Keysight digitizers. This system is enabling observations of neutron interactions with more detail and greater accuracy over a wider energy range.

Keysight in advanced research

In laboratories around the world, Keysight’s high-speed digitizer modules have become an integral part of advanced experimental systems. Our digitizers are used in two major areas that require high-speed measurements: real-time applications and single-shot or event-based applications. Keysight digitizer boards provide the extreme speed and precision needed for system monitoring and control, and for capturing data from the interactions and events in the experiments themselves.