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What has changed in IO Libraries Suite 16.0?

IO Libraries Revisions: Suite 16.0

Industry standards tracking

  • Now installing IVI Shared Components and VISA Shared Components
  • Supports VISA 5.0 spec
  • Now installing the IVI USB-TMC kernel driver. This driver is WHQL (Windows Hardware Quality Lab) signed and will allow USB-TMC devices to be installed on XP without Administrator Privileges.

Product enhancements and bug fixes

  • Added support for PXI/PXIe devices. Any PXI/PXIe devices associated with the Agilent Modular kernel driver can be controlled with Agilent VISA. Third parties can associate their PXI/PXIe devices with the Agilent Modular kernel driver by using the Agilent Modular Driver Wizard. Any PXI/PXIe modules discovered by the NI PXI Resource Manager (recorded in the pxisys.ini/pxiesys.ini files) will be displayed in Agilent Connection Expert.
  • VXI (E8491A/B Firewire to VXI controller and E1406A GPIB to VXI controller) are only supported on 32-bit OS's. 64-bit support is unavailable at this time.
  • IVI drivers are better integrated with Agilent Connection Expert. Agilent Connection Expert now displays the IVI drivers associated with each instrument, and allows the user to search for new drivers.
  • Agilent Connection Expert will now check for an update monthly (this can be disabled). Users can also manually check for a new update from within Agilent Connection Expert.



Last Updated: 27October, 2010