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SystemVue 2010 Emerging Technology Seminar

This seminar demonstrates new methodologies for electronic system-level (ESL) design & verification using Agilent SystemVue, applicable to both aerospace/defense and 4G/LTE wireless applications. SystemVue is a new Agilent environment that specifically targets algorithm developers and system architects working at the physical layer (PHY) to combine Bseband DSP with fine RF modeling, real-world measurements, and standards-compliant reference IP.

The Emerging Technology Seminar collects presentations you may have missed at Agilent locations and events worldwide throughout 2010, and also adds 6 new Application Notes to give you deeper technical insight into SDR, MilComm, Radar, and 4G/LTE wireless system design.

Workshop Outline:


  • Module 1 (Aero/Def) – Design-to-Test Methodology for Software-Defined Radios
  • Module 2 (Aero/Def) – Accelerating SCA-compliant SDR Waveform Design
  • Module 3 (Aero/Def) – Simulating and Testing Pulsed Doppler RADAR
  • Module 4 (LTE/Wireless) – Practical Digital Pre-Distortion for 4G
  • Module 5 (LTE/Wireless) – LTE Throughput Testing Using SystemVue
  • Module 6 (RF/DSP/System co-design) – Understanding the SystemVue-ADS Bridge

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