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X-Parameter Measurements

Reduce design cycles by up to 50% with X-parameter measurements

Keysight's load impedance X-parameters option on the PNA-X nonlinear vector network analyzer (NVNA), when used with Maury Microwave's tuners and software, enables you to measure and simulate nonlinear component behavior as a function of impedance, input power, bias and frequency - at all load impedances.

  • Use X-parameters instead of S-parameters for large signal, nonlinear devices
  • X-parameters allows you to characterize large signal devices and circuits
  • Keysight PNA-X with Maury tuners and software allow X-parameter analysis
  • Model and design multi-stage complex amplifiers
  • Simulation models no longer have to be compromised
  • Reduces design time by up to 50%
  • Request more information and Keysight’s partner, Maury Microwave, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

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X-Parameter Measurements  
Co-branded solutions partner brochure with Maury Microwave on X-parameter measurements

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