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Is the guided probe covered under i3070 system warranty or support agreement? Why not? When does it take effect?

No, the guided probe is an accessory to the i3070 system and is not covered under the system warranty and support agreement.

The hand-held guided probe is used on the on i3070 testhead for digital backtracing, debug, and fixture verification. All Agilent’s accessories unless otherwise stated, come with a 90-day manufacturer’s warranty from the date the product is delivered, either as a standalone part, or as part of the i3070 system. The guided probe is an accessory to the i3070 system for debugging purpose, as it is not part of the core product of the i3070 system. Its lifespan heavily depends on the way it is used by its user. As it is subjected to wear and tear, higher frequency of usage will also shorten its lifespan.

As such, we would like to highlight to you that with effect from December 1, 2009, Agilent will strictly adhere to the warranty policy and will stop replacing the guided probe free of charge out of goodwill. If a guided probe is found faulty after its warranty period, customers will need to buy a replacement at the existing trade rate. Please cite this product option number when purchasing a guided probe: E9947A-018 or 03066-62101.