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How do I program a DC voltage from an AC power source?

DC voltage can only be programmed from AC source models 6811A, 6811B, 6812A, 6812B, 6813A, 6813B, 6841A and 6842A. To program a DC voltage perform the following steps using the front panel keypad.

1. Press [ Shift ] key then [ Output ] key. Display will read "OUTP:COUP AC".

2. Press down triangle on function keypad once, display reads "*RST". press [ Enter ]. AC power source is now in a known factory default power on state.

3. On the right portion of the front panel display under METER, AC + DC will be displayed indicating that both AC and DC components of the output will be measured and displayed. Under OUTPUT, AC will be displayed indicating that any steady-state DC component will be removed from the output.

4. Press [ Shift ] [ Output ] key, display reads "OUTP:COUP AC".

5. Press down arrow on the Entry keypad until the display reads "OUPT:COUP DC", press [ Enter ].

6. On the right portion of the front panel display under OUTPUT, AC + DC will now be displayed indicating that the output can now be an AC voltage with a DC component.

7. Press [ VOLT ] display reads "VOLT 0.00" Note: VOLT determines magnitude of AC rms output voltage programmed, OFFSET determines magnitude of DC output voltage programmed. If no AC component is desired leave VOLT set to 0.00.

8. Press down or up triangle on function keypad until display reads "OFFSET 0.00".

9. Enter desired DC output voltage from entry keypad, ie: if 25 Vdc is desired press [ 2 ] [ 5 ]. Display now reads "OFFSET 25", press [ Enter ].

10. Press [ Output On/Off ] key, output terminals will now have 25 Vdc present.

The DC voltage on the phase 1 output terminal can be programmed either positive or negative with respect to the COM output terminal. To program a negative DC output voltage press [ Shift ] then the decimal key on the entry keypad. Note the minus sign is the shifted decimal key.