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How do I address VXI modules when using the E1406A Command Module?

Scenario: I do not understand how to address the VXI cards in my system. To address VXI cards in a system that is using a E1406A as the slot 0 controller, GPIB address must be specified with secondary addresses.

For example, if we want to talk to a E1412B voltmeter at address 24 in the VXI system via a command module at GPIB address 9 connected to our GPIB interface configured for select code 7 we would specify the address as 70903.

Let's breakdown the address to understand what each value means. The first value 7 defines the select code for an GPIB interface. Under VEE a value 7 or 8 typically indicate that VEE should use the SICL libraries to perform the I/O transactions with the instrument -- this implies that the PC is using a Agilent (Hewlett-Packard) GPIB card. If the PC is using a National Instruments Interface, then the select code must be set to 14 or 15. Select code 14 and 15 are reserved values that instruct VEE to perform the I/O transaction using the NI488 libraries instead of SICL.

The next two digits indicate the GPIB address of the command module. This value is always represented in two digits. Never more and never less.

The last two digits indicate the secondary address of the VXI interface. This value is always represented by two digits. The secondary address is always used to communicate with VXI instruments through an GPIB command module even when addressing the command module itself. To talk to the command module in the previously described configuration use the address of 70900. To determine the secondary address, divide the cards logical unit by 8. The logical unit of the card must be an integer multiple of 8 for the addressing to map correctly.