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Improve Testing at mmWave (Millimeter Wave) Frequencies

The wide bandwidth requirements of next generation wireless systems such as 5G cellular communications, military and automotive radar, and IEEE 802.11ad and 802.11ay are driving the move to millimeter wave bands, where more contiguous spectrum is readily available.

Testing at millimeter wave (mmWave) frequencies can be more difficult even than you anticipate, and many things you could ignore at lower frequencies have a much larger impact at mmWave. This makes your measurement accuracy and repeatability even more critical. For example, millimeter wavelengths are extremely sensitive to cable and connector errors, so learning how to make multiple measurements per connection can help remove uncertainty from measurements.

Keysight’s experience with mmWave technology can help you understand the key pitfalls to watch for, test setup modifications you may want to consider, and what factors will most impact your measurements in the mmWave frequency range.

Documents & Downloads

5 Essential Hints to Improve Millimeter-Wave Network Analysis - eBook 
mmWave expertise and new solution for design, simulation, test and analysis in millimeter wave frequencies.

Brochure 2018-05-11

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Achieving Metrology-grade Results in Vector Network Analysis at Millimeter-wave Frequencies  
Millimeter-wave expertise and new solution for design, simulation, test and analysis in millimeter wave frequencies.

Application Note 2017-05-12

How Can Distributed Architecture Help mmWave Network Analysis? - White Paper 
Learn ways to increase the frequency range of VNAs to test mmWave frequencies.

Application Note 2018-08-06

Overcoming mmWave Challenges with Calibration 
See the unique challenges of calibration at millimeter wave frequencies of 30-300 GHz.

Application Note 2018-05-17

Millimeter-Wave: Details Matter for Successful Measurements - Infographic 
Measurements at millimeter-wave frequencies require extra care. Decisions that may not impact measurement at lower frequencies can lead to connection loss or compromises in accuracy and repeatability at higher frequencies.

Brochure 2018-07-01

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Don’t Sacrifice the Benefits of Millimeter-Wave Equipment by Missing the Basics - eBook 
Learn how to select and use proper signal analysis equipment for testing at millimeter wave frequencies.

Application Note 2018-05-23