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Who uses Momentum?

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Momentum Users  
MMIC Designers

Momentum G2 in Advanced Design System (ADS) is used to extract accurate passive models for microwave frequency IC’s based on GaAs and other high performance process technologies. For more information, refer to  MMIC Design.
MMIC Design
RFIC Designers

Accurately model spiral inductors, interconnects and other passives in large-scale Silicon IC designs using Momentum G2 in Cadence Virutoso™. For more information, refer to  RFIC Design.
RFIC Design
RF Module / SiP Designers

Module and System-in-Package (SiP) designers use Momentum G2 to accurately model passive components and interconnects in LTCC, IPD and other module technologies. For more information, refer to  RF System-in-Package & RF Module Design.
RF Module & SiP Design
RF/Microwave Board Designers

Utilizing links between Advanced Design System and PC Board design tools from Mentor, Cadence and Zuken, Momentum G2 provides accurate high-frequency interconnect models of multilayer Board designs. Momentum GXF in Genesys is also available for fast and accurate RF Board interconnect modeling. For more information, refer to  RF & Microwave Board Design.
RF & Microwave Board Design
High-Speed Board Designers / Signal Integrity Engineers

Accurate, broadband interconnect models of traces and vias in high-speed boards can be extracted using Momentum G2 in Advanced Design System. For more information, refer to  Signal Integrity Design.
Signal Integrity Design
Antenna Designers

Patch antennas and planar array antennas can be completely analyzed using Momentum G2 simulation technology. For more information on an antenna design example using Momentum G2, refer to  Microstrip Planar Array example.
Antenna Design

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