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How is the Keysight 4142B different from the Keysight 4155C and 4156C?

The key difference between the Agilent 4142B and the Agilent 4155C/4156C is that the Agilent 4142B lacks front panel control. The Agilent 4142B can only be used with an external controller. However, the Agilent 4142B has more module options available than does the Agilent 4155C/4156C, and the Agilent 4142B is faster in making measurements than is the Agilent 4155C/4156C. It should be noted that the addition of Agilent FLEX and program memory to the Agilent 4155C/4156C have made its measurement times much closer to those of the Agilent 4142B (as opposed to the Agilent 4155A/4156A which was significantly slower than the Agilent 4142B). The Agilent 4155C/4156C also has much better low-current resolution capability than does the Agilent 4142B. The following information summarizes the capabilities of each instrument:

  • Up to 8 MPSMU per mainframe
  • Wide variety of configurations
  • HPSMU and MPSMU have 20fA/40uV measurement resolution
  • HVU capability (Max. 1000V, 10mA force and measure)
  • HCU capability (Max 10A, 10V force and measure)
  • Cannot function as system controller (requires external controller)
  • Sweep and Spot modes available
  • Program memory and Agilent 4142B user commands

Agilent 4155C/4156C

  • Easy to use front panel operation
  • HRSMU (Agilent 4156C) has 1fA/2uV resolution and MPSMU (Agilent 4155C) has 10fA/2uV measurement resolution
  • Default 4 SMU configuration and can be increased by 1 HPSMU or 2 MPSMU with Agilent 41501B Expander Box
  • Agilent 41501B Expander Box can contain the following:
    #1 HPSMU (200V, 1A)
    #2 2 MPSMU (100V, 100mA )
    #3 2 PGU
    (The following combinations are possible: #1 only, #2 only, #3 only, #1 and #3, or #2 and #3)
  • Can function as system controller
  • Sweep (includes Spot), Sampling, and Stress modes available
  • Program Memory and Agilent FLEX (very similar to Agilent 4142B user commands)
  • Instrument BASIC (IBASIC) included
  • Auto Analysis function
  • VXI plug & play driver
  • LAN capability