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High-Speed Data Throughput Test

High-Speed Data

Fully test the packet data performance of today’s wireless data devices

Test the latest 2G/3G/3.5G technologies at the highest data rates.

  • 42 Mbps DC-HSDPA
  • 21 Mbps HSPA+
  • 14.4 Mbps HSDPA
  • 11 Mbps HSUPA 
  • >500 kbps Evolved EDGE 
  • 14.74/5.4 Mbps 1xEV-DO Release B (test mode only)
  • 3.1/1.8 Mbps 1xEV-DO Release A
  • 2.8 Mbps TD-HSDPA

In addition to supporting the highest 2G/3G/3.5G data rates (allowing you to verify your device’s maximum data throughput), the 8960 also allows you to easily change connection parameters “on the fly” to stress your device’s data capabilities under varying configurations.

7.2 Mbps HSDPA / 5.7 Mbps HSUPA FTP uncovers device throughput issues.

Test realistic user scenarios to ensure real-world performance.

More data applications are being added to wireless devices that utilize the data capabilities of both the device and the network. Many end-users are frustrated with actual data rate performance, which has led to consumer complaints to operators. Today’s complex devices require comprehensive, real-world testing to ensure their performance in the field.

Using the 8960 and Interactive Functional Test (IFT) software, you can fully test your wireless data device with realistic user scenarios to emulate real-world operation and find data performance issues early in the design cycle.

  • Verify device meets specified maximum data rate
    - Can HSDPA category 10 device sustain 14.4 Mbps?
    - Does the downlink data rate suffer when an uplink FTP is started?
  • Verify actual end-user experience
    - How long to download a file?
    - How fast does the web page load?
    - How does FTPing or e-mail synchronization affect battery life?
  • Go beyond conformance testing to include real-world data performance test
    - Environmental variations (frequency, power, fading)
    - Simultaneous activities (voice, SMS, uplink/downlink data)
    - Varied applications, content type

Testing throughput at varying cell power and RF channels reveal data performance issues.

Only the 8960 lets you test your data device’s real-world performance to ensure a quality user experience! Find data performance issues sooner and resolve them faster with the 8960.

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