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What is the difference between the (for pay) photonic library and the (free) PNP drivers?

The Photonic Foundation Library (PFL) controls the Lightwave Measurement System (LMS) through the PNP drivers and the VISA layer.

-The PFL provides advanced capabilities for measuring Loss and Polarization Dependant Loss (PDL) vs. wavelength using the swept mode operation of the large slot Agilent Tunable Laser Sources (81640A/680A/642A/682A).

-The PFL will control both the tunable laser and the 8169A polarization controller to measure swept wavelength PDL using the Mueller Method. Furthermore, the PFL will enhance the accuracy of the PDL measurement away from the design wavelength of the 8169A by accounting for the retardation error in the waveplates.

-The PFL provides trace analysis functions to quickly obtain measurements of filter bandwidth, isolation, ripple, crosstalk, and center wavelength.

-Finally, the PFL offers a Real Time mode of operation which will continuously update spectral loss measurements during adjustment and alignment applications.