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Student ResourcesThe self-paced e-Learning courses below contain narrated slides, videos showing the Advanced Design System (ADS) in action, and step-by-step lab exercises (PDF format) that you can print out and perform. Begin, stop, and start learning again at your leisure as the system will remember where you left off. You can also complete individual sections of the course as required for your review. Learn the basics of ADS design and simulation and gain confidence in using the industry leading RF/MW design software.

ADS e-Learning Courses

ADS 2012 - Workspaces and Simulation Tools

Lecture and Labs Schedule

  • Part 1: Using the Workspace - lecture: 45 minutes
    • Workspace structure, libraries, schematics, simulation setup and tuning
    • Lab 1: Workspaces, Filter Design and Tuning - 1 hour
  • Part 2: Libraries, Models and Data - lecture: 30 minutes
    • Using PDK libraries, working with cells, symbols, models and data
    • Lab 2: PDK Filter, Symbols, and Simulation Data - 1 hour
  • Part 3: Linear Simulation Tools - lecture: 30 minutes
    • DC, AC, S-Parameter simulation and Design Guides
    • Lab 3: FET Amplifier Design and Linear Analysis - 1.5 hours
  • Part 4: Non-Linear Simulation Tools - lecture: 30 minutes
    • Harmonic Balance simulation, system components, and Equations
    • Lab 4: RF System and Non-Linear Analysis - 1 hour

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If you are an educator or student and have a license for one or more Keysight EEsof EDA products and would like to try one of our e-Learning courses, follow the instructions below.

  1. Go to the Keysight EEsof EDA Knowledge Center.
  2. Search for "e-Learning" to find the link to "e-Learning Courses". Note that access to online e_Learning information requires a login.
  3. If you already have a Knowledge Center login, skip this step and continue to step 4.
    Otherwise, click the link to Register for a login (near bottom of the page).
  4. Login to the Knowledge Center and click the link to e-Learning Courses.
  5. Select the desired e-Learning course and then click the course icon or Launch Course.