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High-speed Digitizer Solutions for Embedded Aerospace and Defense

Modern electronic defense systems rely on wideband digital receivers and transmitters to translate the analog world into actionable information. New materials and sensors drive an increasingly capable yet complex field of applications: from multi-functional active electronic steered array (AESA) to integrated sensor structures to multimodal direction finding (DF); advanced digital transceiver techniques now dominate the battlespace. The effectiveness of these systems is measured across many dimensions but, fundamentally, it is the dynamic performance of the data conversion process and related signal processing nearest the sensor that dictates how well they perform in threatening operational environments.

In EW system architecture, there are common functional blocks. The familiar RF chain, data converter, and base band processing are central to the design. Each has a unique history marked by breakthroughs in performance occurring over time. Much attention is given to Moore’s law which predicts the rate of advance in digital signal processing. Less notorious is the rate of advance in the state of art in data conversion, particularly linear dynamic range and instantaneous bandwidth. This is Keysight’s strength, and focus lead by a passion for discovery and invention.

The result is a set of portable hardware and DSP based capabilities applicable to a diversity of defense related applications.

Our Value Proposition
Keysight’s embedded data conversion and signal processing solutions can help you overcome the performance constraints that limit system capability:

  • Exploit field proven technology dedicated to the development of RF and microwave instrumentation and test solutions
  • Capitalize on the intrinsically high TRL associated with designs routinely deployed in advanced test and measurement applications.

For Program Managers
Our experience developing and delivering unsurpassed RF and microwave test solutions has produced a set of enabling technologies that manifests in COTS and custom designs with capability ranging across many applications.

By collaborating with Keysight, the world leader in data conversion and measurement, you will be able to mitigate risk and decrease test and evaluation cost for your program.

Application Examples
Digital beam forming receivers in active electronic steered array
Electronic support measures, direction finding
Synthetic aperture radar, moving target indicators, specific emitter identification, technique generators, RDFM jammer counter measures

Supported Platforms

  • VME
  • VXS
  • cPCI
  • custom


  • VITA
  • Association of Old Crows
  • AFCEA International
  • National Defense Industry Association