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How can I turn on the Services for NFS on Windows® 7 ICT controller?

Both the Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows Enterprise Edition contain the client for the Network File System (NFS) and Subsystem for UNIX-based Applications (SUA). These are the software packages provided by Microsoft® to enable the UNIX subsystem and other parts of the UNIX environment onto Windows environment. However, please note that SUA or Service for UNIX (SFU) will be discontinued in Windows 8.

Turning on Services for NFS

On either Windows 7 Ultimate or Windows Enterprise OS, Services for NFS are turned off by default. You can turn on these services as follows: Access Control Panel → Programs → Programs and Features → Turn Windows features on or off (see figure below).

If you are mapping NFS share only, click on “Services for NFS” including “Administrative Tools” and “Client for NFS” (see figure below):

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