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Can I Use a LAN Connection with my FieldFox?

LAN speed for FieldFox connection:

If the FieldFox firmware is A.03.06 or earlier, make sure that the hardware LAN connection to the instrument is 100 baseT speed or faster. The slower 10 baseT speed may cause communication problems (the FieldFox will generally communicate at the slower LAN speed, but there will likely be intermittent problems).

When a FieldFox is connected directly to a PC, hover your mouse over the LAN icon (icon graphic is a dual display) in the lower right hand corner of the PC display. The LAN speed will be displayed.

LAN cables for the FieldFox:

A standard LAN cable may be used when connecting the FieldFox to a LAN hub. When connecting a FieldFox directly to a PC, a standard LAN cable will usually work because the FieldFox supports auto MDIX. Most PC's support auto MDIX and as long as both ends of a LAN connection support auto MDIX, all is well. If a PC is connected directly to a FieldFox and the PC does not support auto MDIX (either too old or not configured for it), then a LAN cross-over cable is required.

How to tell if a cross-over cable is needed:

When a FieldFox is connected to an "live" LAN port, both LED's on the FieldFox LAN connector should be active (steady on or intermittent). If both LED's are continuously dark, a cross-over cable is probably required.

If a LAN connection is not recognized for up to 15 minutes after the LAN cable is plugged in

Symptom: One or both LED's on FieldFox LAN connector blink on about once every 1.5 seconds. (When a LAN connection is recognized by the firmware, both LED's will be on most or all of the time.)

This problem is associated with A.04.xx firmware. There are two possible work-arounds:

  • Reboot the FieldFox with the LAN connected.
  • Press System (7) > System Configuration > LAN. Press down arrow to highlight the Apply Settings line. Press Edit > Apply Settings.