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Keysight I/CV VBScript Driver for E4980A LCR Meter

Library Installation:

Install this software update in the following instrument: Keysight I/CV software

The software package includes Spot4980.vbs, Bsweep4980.vbs and Library4980.pdf.
Copy the VBScript file to an appropriate Windows folder, i.e. \METRICS\ICS\vbscripts\E4980A (for ICS use) or \METRICS\algs\E4980A (for I/CV module script).

  • Spot4980.vbs : Performs a spot impedance measurements
  • Bsweep4980.vbs : Performs a bias-sweep impedance measurements

Revision: This VBScript runs for I/CV 2.1 and I/CV 3.0 software.

Documentation: Refer to the Library4980.pdf in Downloads below.