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U1251A/U1252A Standard Shipped Components

Keysight U1251A/U1252A handheld digital multimeters ships with the following items:

U1251A/U1252A Standard Shipped Components

Calibration Test Report··
Product Reference CD ROM··
Soft Carrying Case··
Standard Test Leads··
Alligator Clips··
SMT Grabber··
Fine Tip Test Probes··
Alkaline 9V Battery· 
Rechargeable Ni-MH Battery ·
Battery Charger with Power Cable ·

Options you can order: (Shipped separately)

  • U1173A - IR to USB Cable
  • U1160A - Standard Test Lead Kit
  • U1161A - Extended Test Lead Kit
  • U1180A - T/C Adapter + Lead Kit, J & K type