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What is the amplitude resolution of the marker readout in the 8560E and 8560EC Series spectrum analyzers?

Although a 12-bit digitizer is used in the 8560E and 8560EC spectrum analyzers, the ADC alone does not determine the Y-axis or vertical resolution of the display. Design considerations for overall display resolution are also driven by the X-axis resolution, which is 601 data points or "buckets" for this family of analyzers. As a result, some ADC vertical resolution is discarded.

In log scale, the resolution is:

  1/6 dB
5 dB/div 1/12 dB
2 dB/div 1/30 dB
1 dB/div 1/60 dB

In linear scale, the resolution is:

  • Reference Level / 600 dB

There is no way to extract the digitized data from the analyzer immediately after the ADC.