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On Wafer 110 GHz Load Pull for 5G Applications

Perform mmWave load pull up to 110 GHz with confidence

Keysight and Focus have collaborated to develop a turn-key solution which makes it possible to perform high-frequency fundamental and harmonic load pull up to 110 GHz with great accuracy. Combined with Keysight’s very small footprint N5290A 110 GHz PNA-X, Focus Microwaves DELTA tuners offer a very simple and efficient system which elegantly integrates on wafer.

  • On wafer load pull measurements up to 110 GHz
  • Measure and optimize key non-linear parameters
  • Perform both scalar and vector load pull
  • Focus Device Characterization Software to control instrumentation and collect data
  • Measure multiple parameters over multi-octaves of frequency

Documents & Downloads

On Wafer 110 GHz Load Pull for 5G Applications - Brochure 
A Keysight Solution Partner 2-page brochure with Focus Microwaves using the Keysight PNA mmWave system with Focus Fundamental and harmonic tuners and software

Brochure 2019-05-03

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