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Versatile material test solution 5GHz - 110GHz

Easy to use free space solution for permittivity, permeability, and oblique reflection

The free space method, which can be used for a wide range of measurement applications such as permittivity, permeability, oblique incidence reflection, is indispensable to material evaluation in microwave. This free space solution is epoch making in that accurate evaluation is possible without anechoic chamber and/or radio wave absorber, which is achieved by the dielectric antennas with extremely small side lobes (-30 dB, typical).

In addition, we have simplified the mechanics significantly for easy operation while maintaining stable measurements. Since the precision of the antenna positioner is not compromised at all, accurate TRL calibration essential for permittivity and permeability measurements is possible.

Combined with the N1500A Keysight material measurement suite, efficient and reliable material measurement can be performed.


  • Accurate measurement without anechoic chamber and/or absorber
  • Easy to use lightweight mechanical design
  • Antenna positioner with 1 μm precision enables accurate TRL calibration

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Versatile material test solution 5GHz - 110GHz 
Easy to use free space solution for permittivity,permeability, and oblique reflection

Brochure 2019-03-07

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