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How do I get replacement parts for individual items in the training kit?

Here are the parts that need to be purchased from Keysight at

Part Number Description
U3800-69101 Exchange Board
U3800-60001 Sensor Tag
U3800-60002 Digital Temperature Sensor
U3800-60003 Analog Temperature Sensor
U3800-60004 Relay Actuator
U3800-66103 Assembly, LoRa module with antenna and connector (for option LR9)
U3800-66014 Assembly, LoRa module with antenna and connector (for option LR4)
U3800-66105 Kit, wide band antenna, SMA cable and N-type to female SMA adaptor
U3800-66106 Kit, Inertial measurement unit, pressure sensor and jumper wires
U3800-66107 Kit, customized cables
U3800-66108 Kit, banana to banana and croc clip to banana cables
U3800-66508 Breakout board (with USB type mini B cable)
0950-5481 Power Adapter (not included as standard shipped item)

In addition, these general electronics parts can be purchased in local stores (not exclusive to Keysight)

MiniUSB Cable (USB Type A to USB type mini B)
MicroUSB Cable (USB Type A to USB type micro B)
8 GB MicroSD Card
Sensor Tag Battery CR2032 (Battery Lithium 3.0V 230 mAh)