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What is jitter?

Jitter componentsWhile jitter will always be present in your designs, being able to identify causes and sources of jitter will allow you to confidently design and debug your systems.

Essentially, jitter is where your signal’s edges actually are compared to where you want them to be. If your signal’s edges are too far off, it will cause transmission errors in your system. “Total jitter” can be broken down into a number of components that have different root causes with different implications for your designs. Learning the various jitter components and a few key analysis skills can help you design and debug your high-speed systems.

Documents & Downloads

Jitter Analysis using Keysight Oscilloscopes - Application Note 
A discussion of various display formats used to view jitter including horizontal waveform histograms, TIE histograms, TIE trend waveforms, and jitter spectrum waveforms.

Application Note 2014-08-04