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M8190A Arbitrary Waveform Generator - Videos


New M8190A Chirp Measurement Demo Video 
Real-life testing is often very expensive. Simulations with highly realistic signals help reduce the cost of system testing. The Keysight M8190A addresses these needs with three key capabilities: wide bandwidth, high resolution and long play time.

New M8190A EVM Measurement Demo Video 
A test setup that exhibits a high error vector magnitude (EVM) reading might prevent you from seeing problems within your device under Test. The level of reality possible with the Keysight M8190A minimizes problems like this.

New M8190A MultiTone Demo Video 
The Keysight M8190A generates high quality signals with a SFDR less than up to n – 80 dBc. This excellent SFDR ensures that tones stand out from distortion, even with hundreds of tones.

M8190A AWG, Creating QAM Modulation 
New AWG M8190A Video, Achieving excellent measurement results for QAM modulation.

Find out how powerful the new AXIe based AWG really is!  
View this video to see the new Keysight M8190A Arbitrary Waveform Generator (AWG) with newly developed and patented analog-to-digital converter chip!
Waveform generation and Amplitude correction  
Using MATLAB and Keysight’s M8190A and 81180A AWGs. Videos prepared by the Mathworks.

Using MATLAB with Keysight Instruments Demonstration Videos
A collection of various videos with Keysight instrumentation and N6171A MATLAB software.

Realistic Ultra-Wideband Radar Signal Generation Using Keysight SystemVue 
Testing of radar systems can be extremely time-consuming and expensive. Radar transceivers must be designed and tested with realistic environment and jamming scenarios, which often involve costly outdoor ranges, chambers, and real-time hardware simulators. To dramatically lower cost Keysight SystemVue can be used with Keysight test equipment to model many of these same scenarios. Watch this video to learn more.
Measuring the True Performance of Wide Bandwidth Radar Transmitters 
Measuring the performance of Radar transmitters in an accurate and cost effective manner offers many challenges. It is difficult to measure high frequency and wide bandwidth transmitter outputs directly, and when down-converter hardware is used it adds its own impairments into the test signal. This video shows how Radar transmitter outputs can be measured directly up to 32 GHz - without the use of external down-converter hardware.

IF Signal Quality Using Digital Up-Conversion with the Keysight M8190A Arbitrary Waveform Generator 
Digital up-conversion takes testing one step further. The wide bandwidth of the M8190A allows generating the IF signal directly. The IQ data will be up-converted digitally in hardware which gives you best signal quality in the desired frequency range.

Creating Multi-Emitter Signal Scenarios with COTS Software and Instrumentation 
The approach shown here is used to create multi-emitter signal scenarios with commercial off-the-shelf design software and instrumentation. A multi-emitter test signal is created which combines an L-band, LTE, EDGE, GSM, WCDMA, and S-band radar signals.

SystemVue design software combined with a precision M8190A wideband AWG, PSG signal generator, Infiniium oscilloscope, PXA signal analyzer, and 89600 VSA software provides a cost-effective test solution for present and future multi-emitter R & D applications.

How to demo Digital Up-Conversion with the M8190A 
Real-time digital signal processing with Keysight proprietary ASIC

Digital Up-Conversion with the M8190A – Advanced Topics 
Real-time digital signal processing with Keysight proprietary ASIC
Synchronization of multiple M8190A modules 
The video demonstrates a precise alignment of up to 12 channels fully phase-coherent for repeatable measurements.
5G Channel Sounding 
Keysight 5G Flexible Testbed for 5G Waveform Generation Analysis 
Keysight mmWave MIMO Channel Sounding for 5G