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Digital Electronics Engineering Resources

Digital Electronics is one of the fundamental courses found in all electrical engineering programs. Keysight helps to provide you the most complete solution for education and training purposes. For your convenience we have prepared a page dedicated for Digital Electronics topic.

Teaching Materials (For university lecturers or educators who need resources for use in classroom or lab)

i) Digital Electronics Classroom Solutions - Keysight offers complete curriculum-based solutions which come with a training kit and courseware to help educators and students in the respective classroom subjects.

  • Embedded System Design (ARM®9/Cortex-M3) Teaching Solution - There are 2 teaching solutions for Embedded System Design: ARM9 and Cortex-M3. ARM9 focuses on 32-bit ARM-based processor system design, programming, and applications. Cortex-M3 is based on Texas Instrument’s Cortex-M3 development kit, problem-based assignments, and lab sheets.
  • Microcontroller System Design Teaching Solution (8051) - This courseware solution focuses on microcontroller fundamentals as well as programming language and applications.
  • Digital Signal Processing Teaching Solution – The DSP lab solution targeting 3rd and 4th year undergraduates in the area of digital signal processing. Utilizing Keysight’s high performance oscilloscope and Altera’s Development and Education Board, the courseware is an excellent teaching aid for your Digital Signal Processing classroom.
  • Digital Systems Teaching Solution – Targeting on 2nd and 3rd year undergraduates, this courseware focuses on digital system design, verification, and implementation using a field-programmable gate array (FPGA) platform.

ii) Back 2 Basics – Engineering can be confusing at first but we've put up some materials which help you remember the fundamentals of the technology.

  • Logic Analysis Basics (4MB) - An overview of the Logic Analysis.
  • Oscilloscope Fundamentals (2MB) - This slide provides an overview of oscilloscope fundamentals.
  • Signal Generation (11MB) - This Webcast will cover the basics of parametric test. Although this Webcast is designed for users with no previous parametric test background, experienced users may also find the material a useful review.
  • Multimedia Basics – Quick fact sheet on measuring ACV, DCV, CURRENT and Resistance.
  • MPEG-2: The basics of how it works - This slide & speaker notes based tutorial, covers the very basics of how MPEG-2 works. It covers the creation of the elementary stream, the packetised elementary stream, and the transport stream multiplex.
  • View more slides from the back to basics page.

iii) Posters and CDs – Click. Request. 2 simple steps to get it!

  • Today’s Oscilloscope Poster - It provides information and education on how an oscilloscope should be configured in order to see signals clearly and quickly. Ideal for college electrical engineering labs!

iv) Downloadable Lab Experiments – Covering the Digital Electronics topic. These have been submitted by leading engineering educators from around the world. We have topics in Communications & Signal Processing, Network & LANS and Computer Engineering. View more free labs from the website.

v) Digital Electronics Equipment for Classroom Labs – Equipment needed for teaching Digital Electronics.

Research Materials (For those who need resources and help to meet your research and development activities)

i) Recorded Webcasts - List of all of the recorded webcasts on Digital Electronics.

ii) Digital Electronics Research – Compilations of published papers & articles from collaborations with university in Digital Electronics. Check out the topic in Networking/Wired Connectivity Research.

iii) Digital Electronics Equipment for Research Labs – Equipment needed for conducting research in Digital Electronics.

  • DSO90254A Infiniium High Performance Oscilloscope - Custom software to speed your measurement tasks can be fully integrated inside this oscilloscope application for seamless operation.
  • U2722A USB Modular Source Measure Unit - It can function as a standalone module. It can also be used as a modular device, allowing expansion and compact solution when used with the other modules in the USB Modular Instruments and DAQ family.
  • 16801A 34-Channel Portable Logic Analyzer - It deliver an exclusive combination of logic analysis, pattern generation, application software and innovative probing.
  • Advanced Design System (ADS) – An electronic design automation software for RF, microwave, and high speed digital applications. It provides full, standards-based design and verification with Wireless Libraries and circuit-system-EM co-simulation in an integrated platform.