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EMC Test for R&D

Reduce the cost of identifying radiating components with EMC scanning

The RCE EMC Scanner from Eretec combines a camera mounted above an X-Y positioning table with E- and H-field probes and a spectrum analyzer from Keysight Technologies. This provides a visual representation of the UUT that highlights clearly the sources of radiation. By using the RCE EMC Scanner from Eretec in conjunction with a spectrum analyzer from Keysight Technologies you can identify and correct suspect components in your design before incurring the cost and time of full EMC testing.

  • EMC test solution for R&D
  • EMC scanner identifies sources of radiation
  • Allows early correction of suspect components and traces
  • Combines camera, positioning table, probes and spectrum analyzer
  • Uses Keysight spectrum analyzers including ESA and PSA
  • Two sizes available
  • Correct your designs before the cost and time of full EMC testing
  • Request more information and Keysight’s partner, Eretec, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail.

Documents & Downloads

EMC Test for R&D 
Co-branded Solutions Partner brochure with Eretec on EMC test for R&D.

Brochure 2012-02-22

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