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EMPro Key Features

Electromagnetic Professional (EMPro) is a 3D EM simulation platform that enables you to create and import arbitrary 3D structures, and run Finite Element Method (FEM) and Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) simulations. EMPro is part of an integrated design flow that includes the Advanced Design System (ADS) circuit design environment and multiple EM simulation technologies.

For more information about EMPro, refer to the Keysight EEsof EDA EMPro brochure.

EMPro 3D EM Simulation SoftwareKey Features

  • Modern, Efficient 3D Solid Modeling Environment
    • Arbitrary 3D objects can be created from scratch or from existing templates
    • CAD files can be imported, modified and simulated
    • Powerful Python scripting provides advanced automation
    • Linux and Windows support
  • Integration with ADS Design Flow
    • Parameterized 3D components can be exported and simulated together with schematics/layouts in ADS
    • Layout objects can be imported from ADS
  • Frequency Domain Simulation
    • Finite Element Method (FEM) simulation engine
    • Best for typical RF/microwave component simulations
    • Direct and Iterative solvers for different applications
    • Same FEM engine can be launched from both EMPro and ADS
  • Time Domain Simulation
    • Finite Difference Time Domain (FDTD) simulation engine
    • Best for electrically large problems, such as antenna simulations and signal integrity applications
    • Compliance Testing option available for regulatory analyses such as Specific Absorption Rate (SAR)
    • Graphical Processor Unit (GPU) Acceleration option available for dramatic speed & capacity improvement

EMPro and ADS Platforms

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