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Is it possible to convert configuration files from the older 1670- and 16700-series Keysight logic analyzers to the new 16800/1690/16900-series analyzers?

Yes. The Keysight Logic Analyzer application for 1680/90/800/900-series logic analyzers includes utilities for translating configuration files from 167xG and 16700-series logic analyzers. These configuration file translators move setup information from other logic analyzer configuration files into generic XML format configuration files that can be loaded into the Keysight Logic Analyzer application.

The configuration file translators can be run without any logic analyzer hardware. The Keysight Logic Analyzer application is free and can be installed on any PC running Windows® XP or Vista.

To access these translators, click Start | (All) Programs | Keysight Logic Analyzer | Utilities | 167xG Configuration File Translator or 167xx Configuration File Translator.

Please note that only setup information can be translated, and not acquired data. For information on importing data acquired with a 16700-series logic analyzer, please see FAQ "Is there a way to view the data I captured with my logic analyzer on my PC?" under Related Links below.

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