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How do I change the source impedance of my new Keysight 8903B? My old unit had a switch I could use to select either 50 or 600 ohm source impedance.

A change was made to the Agilent 8903B that eliminates the 50/600 Ohm source impedance switch. The change is implemented on units with serial prefixes of 2742A and higher.

The switch was replaced with an LED indicator that shows if the source is in the 50 or 600 Ohm mode.

The instrument powers up in the 600-Ohm mode. (This is how an Agilent 8903A or early Agilent 8903B would work.)

  • Enter 47.1 SPCL to switch to 50-Ohm source impedance;
  • Enter 47.0 SPCL to return to the 600-Ohm mode.