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Speeding and Easing Validation Testing with PCI Verification Tools - Application Note

In this paper¹ "Speeding and Easing Validation Testing with PCI Verification Tools" the author talks about how to use debugging tools to evaluate and understand prototype design behavior, diagnostic test and evaluation of PCI Bus Performance.

"With the help of powerful PCI cards and analyzers, such as the E2925 and E2926 PCI Series of Computer Verification Tools, we're able to quickly evaluate the problems within minutes instead of hours"

Note: The current downloadable version (March, 2001) of PC Verification Tools is available by entering the phrase "Software for the Keysight E2920 PCI / PCI-X Series" into "Quick Search" and then selecting the file. A high speed connection is advised since the download is 54.1 Mb.

¹By Phil Miller, Validation Engineer at Enterprise Computing Group, COMPAQ Computer Corporation, and Published at Desktop Engineering, Feb/99

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