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81200 Demo/Tutorial/Getting Started

The web based 81200 demo, tutorial and getting started provide a comprehensive overview of the Keysight 81200 Data Generator/Analyzer Platform.

Use the Keysight 81200 Demo/Tutorial/Getting Started link on this page to download the software to your PC.


This software is 10.4MB in size, and will take a long time to download using a dial-up connection.

To start the web-based program extract the .exe file on your PC and click on ....../index.html

See Requirements for more info.

See also the Lisense info.

The 81200 Demo/Tutorial/Getting Started is split into three parts:


- This Demo presents the most important features of the Keysight 81200 Data Generator / Analyzer Platform.

- It runs for 10 minutes but can be halted at any time.


- The Tutorial shows how to work with the system and how to use some special features.


- Getting Started is a guided tour that demonstrates how to use the system. It can be halted and continued at a later point of time.

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Keysight 81200 Demo/Tutorial/Getting Started 

Demo 2004-02-20

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