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Who uses Genesys?


Genesys Users  
RF & Microwave Board Designers

RF and Microwave board designers who need circuit synthesis, simulation and optimization tools to quickly design and prototype RF and microwave PC boards choose Genesys for its low cost, high performance and ease-of-use. Genesys has an intuitive Windows design environment with integrated schematic capture and board layout along with system, circuit, electromagnetic simulators. Powerful design and yield optimizers ensure the best combination of performance and yield prior to manufacturing. For general information on Keysight's solutions, refer to RF & Microwave Board Design.
RF System Designers

RF system architects who need a fast, intuitive RF system architecture and frequency-planning tool that reveals the root-cause of spurious signals depend on Genesys to quickly validate their RF system options. Genesys provides graphical and interactive stage-by-stage diagnosis of impairments such as mismatches and spurious frequency mixing that are ignored by spreadsheets. System frequency planning is made simple through automatic identification of spurious free bands. Aerospace/defense subcontractors and consultants rely on accurate Genesys RF system simulation to generate realistic, bid-winning proposals.
RF & Microwave Component Vendors

RF and MW component vendors use Genesys for the design of RF/MW components and multi-function assemblies and partner with Keysight Technologies to reach out to over 10,000 potential customers in the Genesys user base worldwide. Component vendors find qualified customers for their parts by using Genesys to develop simulation models, application boards and reference designs. They offer downloadable Genesys simulation libraries and reference designs to enable their customers to start designing with their parts immediately. For more information, refer to Component Models and Passive Design.

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