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Does the E4438C ESG support MediaFLO?

Qualcomm has prepared MediaFLO IQ sample files to work with the 64-megasample arbitrary waveform generator of the E4438C ESG vector signal generator. These sample files are available free to licensed Qualcomm customers. To access the files, go to the Qualcomm support website: http://support.cdmatech.com 

You will need to provide your email address and password to log in. Only licensed customers can establish an account. After login, navigate to:

\Software tools\SW\MFLO tools\

In this subdirectory, the document 80-V2166-18 gives information about the current release of the IQ sample files. There are also zip files containing the binary waveform files to load into the E4438C ESG. Follow the procedures explained in document 80-V2166-16 "MediaFLO Testing and Verification Lab Setup" to get a working test setup.

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