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What is a 30-day free trial license and how does it work?

The 30-day free trial period allows the user to try out our latest Signal Studio software products prior to purchase. The trial period begins upon first connection or first waveform download to the vector signal generator. The Signal Studio software is fully functional during the 30-day trial period. At the end of the trial period, each vector signal generator must be licensed separately in order to generate the signals created by the software.

More common questions about the 30-day free trial listed below.

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How do I enable the free 30-day trial license? 
To obtain a trial license for Signal Studio B models (e.g. N7615B), download the Signal Studio software and visit the Keysight Software Licensing trial license request page for that model.

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How is the time remaining for a trial license tracked? 
You can track the time remaining on the trial license from the front panel of the ESG/PSG by pressing Utility > Instrument Adjustments > Instrument Options > Waveform Licenses.

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After the 30-day trial license is activated, can I suspend the trial period for future use? 
No, the trial license is valid for 30 consecutive days, after which, you will have to purchase a permanent license to continue using the software.

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Can I renew or extend the 30-day trial license after expiration? 
After the trial license expires on an instrument, it cannot be renewed or extended.

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