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What Options would my PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer require to operate in an N5530S / N5531S Measuring Receiver system?

The N5530S Measuring Receiver System was replaced by N5531S Measuring Receiver System that uses an embedded measurement personality instead of external PC software.  Both the N5530S and N5531S Measuring Receivers use the license key option 233, so customers who purchased the N5530S system can upgrade to the latest N5531S system by upgrading the firmware in their PSA analyzer to the latest version and making sure to check the checkbox to load the Measuring Receiver option. 

The N5531S Measuring Receiver System is comprised of a PSA Series Spectrum Analyzer, an N5532B Sensor Module, and an N1911A or N1912A P-Series Power Meter or E4416A or E4417A EPM-P Series Power Meter.

The N5531S Measuring Receiver System also works with the N5532A Sensor Module and the older EPM Series Power meters E4418B or E4419B.

The older N5530S system used EPM Series Power Meter, an N5532A Sensor Module, and N5530S Measuring Receiver Software.  It required Option B7J (Digital Demod Hardware) be installed in the PSA analyzer.  The newer N5531S embedded Measuring Receiver personality no longer requires Option B7J be installed. 

It is highly recommended that your PSA have with Option 1DS (100 kHz to 3 GHz Preamplifier) or Option 110 (10 MHz to 26.5 GHz / 50 GHz preamplifier) for improved dynamic range.  Also, if making Tuned RF Level measurements above 3 GHz, option 123 (Preselector Bypass) is recommended.