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How do I control instruments such as 82357A, E5810A, and 82350B using the GPIB interface?

There are several approaches to control instruments via the GPIB interface.

Use the connectivity software:


  • IntuiLink Connectivity Software (Free software)
    Agilent IntuiLink is a free connectivity software solution that links test and measurement instrument data to PC applications. You can save and retrieve instrument state settings, and transfer the measured data to the PC, without heavy programming. Agilent IntuiLink

Develop the instrument control application software:


  • Develop test programs by Visual Basic, or Visual Basic for Application (VBA)
    Agilent I/O Libraries are furnished with 82357A, E5810A, and 82350B. It enables you to develop test programs with Visual Basic, without preparing IntuiLink, VEE Pro, and T&M Toolkit. Learn to control instruments with Visual Basic
  • Develop test programs with Agilent VEE Pro
    Agilent VEE Pro is a graphical programming environment for test program development. Unlike general programming tools, it intuitively simplifies the tasks required for test system development, including connecting to your instrumentation, measurement, analysis and reporting all in an open, standards-friendly graphical programming environment.
  • Develop test programs using Agilent T&M Toolkit with Visual Studio .NET
    The T&M Toolkit is a set of measurement and test tools and components for the Microsoft® Visual Studio® .NET development environment, and supports programming in Visual Basic .NET, Visual C#, and Visual C++. With Toolkit, you can connect to instruments and plot data from within Visual Studio. Agilent T&M Toolkit

You may also obatain sample programs, drivers, and other information for test and measurement software from the Agilent Developer Network