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Active Load Pull Measurements at mmW and Sub-THz Frequencies up to 1.1 THz

Fully characterize the performance of your transistors and ICs up to 1.1 THz with active load pull measurements
With a mmW and sub-THz gain compression and active load pull solution from Keysight, Maury Microwave and development partner Vertigo Technologies, you can characterize your device over power, determine the ideal matching conditions for optimum performance, and squeeze out every last dB of power and gain possible!

  • Measure S-parameters at user-specified power levels
  • High-resolution power control for accurate and repeatable vector-corrected 50Ω gain compression power sweep measurements
  • Arbitrary impedance control / active load pull
  • Measure fundamental powers (Pin, Pav, Pload), gain and efficiency at 50Ω and arbitrary impedances
  • Advanced measurement sequencer sweeps impedance, power, frequency and bias
  • Calibrated measurements at DUT reference plane
  • Supports most commercial waveguide extenders up to 1.1 THz
  • Request more information and Keysight’s partner, Maury Microwave, will contact you to discuss your requirements in more detail

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Active Load Pull Measurements at Millimeter-Wave and Sub-THz Frequencies 
An integrated solution from Keysight, Maury Microwave and development partner Vertigo Technologies that provides active load pull measurements at millimeter-wave and sub-THz frequencies.

Brochure 2019-06-26

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