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Software Licensing: Select a License to Best Suit your Evolving Needs

Keysight understands that projects ramp up and down, teams grow and shrink, and projects move location. In such a dynamic environment, you need flexible software licensing options that allow you to balance your project requirements. Whether your software will be a staple for years to come or you have a short-term need for a leading-edge measurement application, with Keysight you are always in control. Keysight’s licensing types and terms provide flexible access to our extensive portfolio of software supporting more than 40 measurement platforms, across 80 industries and technologies.

Software License Types


Use transportable licenses when you need to move a license between PC/instrument -- providing the flexibility to manage capabilities across your organization and across the globe, as your needs evolve.

  • License may be used on one PC/instrument at a time - once installed, the license is locked to that specific PC/instrument, but may be transferred using Keysight's online tools.
  • USB Portable licenses with read-only dongles are available for many Keysight software products.

Node-Locked (Fixed)

Use node-locked licenses when your design or measurement software needs are limited to a single PC/instrument. Node-locked licensing offers you a cost-effective option -- the license is permanently locked to a specific PC/instrument.


Use floating/network licenses when you need the most flexibility to access software on multiple PC/instruments across your organization.

  • Networked PC/instruments can access a license from a server one at a time. For concurrent usage, multiple licenses may be purchased.

License Terms

With varying budget requirements, you need to be able to choose the license term best for you. Perpetual and time-based licensing terms are available on many Keysight products.

  • Perpetual license - use the software indefinitely
  • Time-based – software will function throughout the specified time period for the purchased license

Check the product web page or configuration guide for a listing of license types and terms for each software product.