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PIM and S-Parameter Test Solution

Auto-switching system for testing PIM and S-Parameters in passive devices

Comprehensive testing of passive devices requires the measurement of intermodulation distortion (PIM) and full S-parameter characterization. Traditionally this requires separate test routines with the repeated connection and disconnection of devices, sometimes taking longer than the test routines themselves. Rflight provides a combined S-parameter and PIM test system based on its established PIM test solution.

  • Can be used for frequency bands: DD800, CDMA800, EGSM900, DCS1800, PCS1900, WCDMA2100, LTE2600 etc.
  • IMD3, 5, 7, 9, 11 intermodulation distortion testing, with IMD3 accuracy better than -165dBc, meeting the requirements for dual port base station antenna
  • Test port power rate: two channel CW signal, min. +33dBm to max. +43dBm
  • Flexible configuration, for multi-band automatic tests through RF switch matrix controller
  • Automatic testing of S parameters through RF switch matrix
  • Periodic calibration through software to ensure high test accuracy
  • Effective heat radiation, high reliability
  • Produces printed test reports
  • Uses Keysight E5072A VNA, power meter and signal source

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PIM and S-Parameter Test Solution 
Co-branded Solutions Partner brochure with Rflight on PIM Test Solution

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