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I/O Libraries Example Programs

These example programs show the basics of how to control Test and Measurement equipment using modern, industry-standard API's.

Once you've got the basics down, accelerate your instrument programming with Command Expert, Keysight's no-charge tool to interactively find and try instrument commands.

The following examples are currently available:

  • Getting Started - this simple example shows the "basics" of getting connected to and communicating with an instrument
  • Find Devices - shows how to programmatically discover devices that are connected in Connection Expert
  • Error Handling - shows how to handle errors when they occur
  • PXI Information - get details about a PXI device, such as it's chassis and slot number
  • TCP/IP Socket Example - get connected, show details about the connection, and send a command
  • Serial (RS-232) Example - get connected, optionally setting the baud rate, flow control, data size, and parity


The following languages and API's are currently provided:

Language Support



Python PyVISA 

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IO Libraries Suite Example Programs 
I/O examples using C#, VB.NET, C/C++, MATLAB, Python

Programming Example 2016-10-19

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Old Example Programs 
These old example programs were installed by IO Libraries Suite 16.3 Update 2 and previous releases. They may not work in modern tools, but are provided for reference

Programming Example 2015-05-12

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