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N8241A and N8242A Factory Upgrades

Here is list of options with descriptions for the N8241A and N8242A available factory upgrades.
ALL upgrades are Return to Factory only.

  • N8241AF Factory Upgrades for N8241A and N8242A
  • N8241AF-001 Installation and testing of factory installed upgrades
  • N8241AF-016 Upgrade to 16 M samples memory
  • N8241AF-125 Upgrade to 1.25 G Sa/S
  • N8241AF-300 Enabling software for 16-bit dynamic sequencing
  • N8241AF-330 Digital direct synthesis software
  • N8241AF-350 Factory upgrade of N8241A model only, adds function generator application

Please contact your local Agilent Service Center for instructions on how and where to send the module, and how to order the factory upgrades.