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Instruction for using external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM for Option Upgrade

Install License File(s) on FieldFox Instrument(s) using external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM



  1. Locate the email(s) from Keysight which contain license file attachments.
  2. Insert a blank CD-R/DVD-R disc into the disc writer.
  3. Copy the license file(s) from the email(s) to the CD/DVD writer location in computer, and click Burn. More than one license file may be copied to the USB flash drive. Note: A single license file may contain licenses for more than one instrument.
  4. Remove the burned disc from computer and prepare for later upgrade use in a secured environment.

License file upgrade: For this step, you will need an external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive

  • Setup the FieldFox and external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM as below image.
  • Connect the USB cable as suggested. There are 3 ended connectors on the cable, usually with 2 USB A (one for data and one for power) and 1 Mini B.
    NOTE 1: FieldFox's USB ports have very limited power to operate an external devices like USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM. User can connect to another computer/laptop that is located in the secured environment, or have it connected to another available USB powered port.
    NOTE 2: depending on external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive manufacturer, it takes between 30 seconds to 2 minutes for the drive to load and ready.

  • Insert the disc into the external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive, then press:
    • System (7)
    • System Configuration
    • Options
    • Install Options

The instrument reads the license file(s) from the USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive, validates the file(s), and installs the option(s). Generally, warnings or error messages may be ignored.
NOTE 3: attempting to re-install a license file that is already installed may generate a “Corrupt Media” error message. Ignore this message.

  • Disconnect the external USB CD-ROM/DVD-ROM drive from the FieldFox.
  • Cycle power on the instrument to activate the newly installed option upgrade(s). (Hold the power button down for more than four seconds to completely power down the instrument.)
  • View the installed option upgrade(s). To do so, press these keys on the FieldFox:
    • System (7)
    • System Configuration
    • Options
    • Show Options
  • After successful installation of all upgrades, it may be necessary to perform an annual calibration to ensure the instrument meets its specified performance. To learn if this is required, go to the following Web site: https://www.keysight.com/find/fieldfoxsupport. Locate the table column titled “FieldFox Upgrade Tables,” and click on the appropriate link for your analyzer model. On the next Web site, locate the table column titled “Adjustments Required” for the information needed.